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Classic Post: How Girls View Guys, Farting

Monday July 26th,2004

How Girls View Guys, Farting

Now one thing guys tend to do is fart, its no doubt, im sure you all have heard it, and well shit i fart a lot too. most girls think its gross dicusting and wrong and that it should never ever be done. girls have spoken on the record that they do not fart and well today i would like to prove that statement wrong. funny story to tell and this one is very true, not like my others are not but this one is hillarious. i have a neighbor and she has a sister who will be a freshman this year. my neighbors name is sara and the sisters name is jamie, wanna clerify that fist off. now i was hanging out w/ sara after school one day and i wanted to find a new way to annoy jamie, and jamie, still a middle schooler at the time, had not gotten home from school yet. so i decided hey ill hide in her closet and when she gets home i'll scare her. so i went upstairs into the closet when the bus came down the road, dropped her off and then she went into her room. then she went to sit down at her computer screen and all of a sudden PLHHHH. she farted. i was stunned and had to calm myself cuz i was gonna crack up and ruin the plan. so a second after i came out and scared the shit out of her, and then i said, "hey i didnt know girls fart". so thats the truth, girls are just as gross as us. seacrest out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry but that isn't funny!.And further more you talking about individuals on your blog isn't funny ethier.teddy you are very female!.Most guys don't spend their lives fighting with other girls or guys about needless things.You need to stop fighting with girls,and stop spreading rumors,and act like a guy!

6/15/2005 3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah really, you act like such a girl, it's not even funny.

6/15/2005 11:20 PM  

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